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Naval Suppliers

NAVAL suppliers is a young dynamic Italian company specialized in the production of doors and windows for naval use and off-shore. Our team's main aim is to give to our clients requirements the best consideration, always keeping in mind the strict fire regulation. Actually, fire regulations on ships are becoming more stringent. And we continue to invest, as well in our production quality as in our product development.
We are very pleased to say that thousands of doors have been delivered worldwide, to our clients satisfaction.

The NAVAL suppliers product range includes all type of doors used in modern passenger ships: Metallic door, Fire doors class B-15, A-0,A-15, A-60 both in hinged and sliding types, Watertight door. Our production capacity, being very high thanks to modern implantation and performing machinery, we focused in offering our clients a complete package covering, project design, effective production, installation and a comprehensive service.

Take a look of our new Ultralight A60 Firedoors Hinged Type...
All our Products are certified...
New factory to cope with the demand from our customer...

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